Open source building system for creating a post carbon future.


Grid beams are parts of a modular construction system that can make bookshelves, tables, benches, racks and other pieces of furniture as well as lightweight mobile work vehicles and heavy duty tractors, trailers, and other useful tools. Grid beams come in four types: wood, aluminum, galvanized steel and plated steel. You can add custom decorative pieces to individualize your furniture ... drill it to fit the tri-joint bolting system that holds together corners throughout any grid beam piece. There are as many different sets of instructions as there are designs and ideas as you can conceptualize. - Can be used for basic furniture, shelving, workbench. - Prototyping of "ideas" for construction: build something, take it apart, re-size it. When it's put together how you like it, leave it as-is or take measurements to build a more aesthetically pleasing version. - Assembly of pieces is fairly simple. All pieces can be re-purposed later if needed. - Design is non-proprietary and patent-unencumbered. You can take the idea of Gridbeam to any machine or woodworking shop and ask them to make it for you; if you're handy, you can make it yourself. You can also order kits directly from us by calling us direct or using out email contact form.