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Since 1977 we have distributed Telespar® Telescoping Square Tubing.  We call it Telespar Gridbeam and it works exactly the same way as Gridbeam.


We precut 2 inch Telespar Tubing into standard Gridbeam modular lengths so it always assembles easily. It actually allows for more versatility as it has twice the number of available holes as wooden Gridbeam. Telespar square tubing also gives us versatility based on its ability to telescope inside the 2” standard Telespar Gridbeam. This is especially helpful when building on uneven ground. Telespar Gridbeam is also totally interchangeable with 2” aluminum Gridbeam. 

Telespar is able to telescope because it is manufactured with smooth corner welds within very close tolerances. Smaller sizes of the tubing fit smoothly and snugly into the standard Telespar Gridbeam 2’ size. 

Telespar can come galvanized or powder coated in colors for long term outdoor use. It is 14 gage steel with a 7/16 hole size. It is available in up to 8 ft  standard lengths and up to 24 ft. lengths on special order.  

We also stock larger and smaller telescoping sizes and a large variety of custom parts on special order.

Only the 2 inch size of Telespar Gridbeam will create Gridbeam tri-lapping joints.

Gridbeam is a stocking distributor of Telespar® tubing with custom cutting capabilities, packaging and shipping.



Sign posts, platforms, stages storage systems, micro houses, custom vehicle frames, storage sheds partitions, trailer chassis, machines, machine bases, heavy duty tables, gantrys, benches, custom assembly lines, scaffolding and hundreds of industrial applications.



 $5.00 per ft.



Telspar weighs 2 lbs. per ft.

UPS has a maximum of 60 lb. per package. Larger packages are shipped by truck.


All orders must be confirmed by telephone at 707 459 3939 or 707 459 4240 during normal business hours.







Gridbeam™ has been manufacturing and distributing the aluminum Gridbeam building system in Northern California since 1979.  

Pioneering applications include lightweight solar vehicles, rail vehicles, gypsy wagons, solar arrays and other mobile projects. 

We use alloy 6061-T6 square aircraft aluminum tubing which is super strong and light. We make it in 1.5”, 2” and 3” square with a .120 wall thickness. (1/8th. Inch). We also make it with thicker or thinner wall thickness for specialty applications.

Phil Jergenson invented aluminum Gridbeam technology and has built more than a dozen prototype electric vehicles and micro houses using it. In order to fabricate these unique vehicles and houses Phil has designed, welded and produced for sale the dozens of reusable components required.

These components were specially designed to fit the Gridbeam system at our off grid solar powered fabrication shop. Gridbeam is the only place in the world to get these components.

Since drive trains require a strong square frame to work properly, Gridbeam is the best way to quickly design and build actual working prototypes.


 Aluminum Gridbeam sizes

Gridbeam is drilled with a repeating hole pattern that matches its width on all four sides.  The beam size determines the hole size and bolt size. 

The I.5 inch beam has a 13/32 hole and accepts a 3/8 bolt.

The 2 inch beam has a 7/16 hole (matches Telspar) and uses a 3/8 bolt.

The 3 inch beam has a 3/4 inch hole and accepts either a 1/2 or 5/8 bolt.

 Aluminum Gridbeam is cut to a minimum 6 inch length and one ft. lengths starting at 1ft. Other lengths up to 20 ft. are available on special order. Half ft. increments are available and useful but only under 3 ft. lengths.



 1.5 inch for $7.00 per linier ft. weighs .5 lbs. per foot

 2 inch for $9.00 per linier ft. weighs .75 lbs. per foot

 3 Inch for $10.00 per linier ft. weighs 1 lb. per foot



UPS has a maximum of 60 lbs. per box.  Larger packages are shipped by truck.


All orders must be confirmed by telephone at 707 367-3968 or 707 889-6688 during normal business hours.

Solar-powered “X-wing” vehicle, built using Metal Grid Beam.