Open source building system in wood and metal for creating a post carbon future.




No trees are cut to make Gridbeam™. 


   We hand manufacture wood Gridbeam™ from 100% recycled douglas fir in Northern California. Our location gives us access to the highest quality recycled wood from nearby NorthCal Lumber, the largest wood recycler in the United States. 

Our beautiful, straight grained, old growth douglas fir has the highest strength to weight ratio of any structural wood and does not dent or crush like softer woods.    Since 1996 we have continued to reduce Gridbeam's carbon footprint at our off grid, solar powered shop which is fully equipped to handle any size order .

Some of our wood was harvested over 100 years ago and now lives forever as Gridbeam™. 

Gridbeam™ brings out the confident kid in everyone who uses it!



Wood Gridbeam™ is the ideal material to build custom furniture, storage racks, shelves, chairs, desks, work stations, play houses and almost anything that requires a structural system.

People use wood Gridbeam™ for rapid prototyping of machines and vehicles. Once you build with wood Gridbeam™, you can quickly build with our aluminum Gridbeam™ with identical dimensions for super outdoor strength.  

Wood Gridbeam™ indoors, should last a lifetime.

The only tool needed is a 4mm ball end hex wrench for fast easy assembly.  



Wood Gridbeam™ sticks are 1.5 inches square (also known as a 2x2) with rounded corners and ends and can be used as is or can take a finish if desired.

Gridbeam™ is cut into modular lengths and is drilled with a repeating and intersecting hole pattern every 1.5 inches on all sides. The holes are 5/16 inch diameter and designed to accept our joint connector bolt and nut.


Packaging and shipping

Gridbeam™ is shpped UPS and delivered in our grid style shipping and storage boxes with modular lengths from 2 to 8 ft.   

Longer custom lengths are available up to 20 ft. if you pick up or by truck ship.


Bulk Boxes include 50 black connector bolts and 50 black barrel nuts. 


Bulk Box sizes                            pieces          total feet          weight              Price/ ft.                   Price


All 2 ft. lengths                                       16                    32                          16lbs.                      $3.00                            $130.00


All 4 ft. lengths                                       16                    64                          32lbs.                      $3.00                           $227.00


All 6 ft. lengths                                       16                    96                          48lbs.                      $3.00                           $323.00


All 8ft. Lengths                                       16                   128                         64 lbs.                     $3.00                           $419.00


Orders from California please add 8.125% sales tax




Starter Kits / Assortment Boxes include 50 black connector bolts and 50 black barrel nuts. 


Assorted Box sizes       pieces          total feet      weight           Price/ ft.            Price

Assorted 2 ft. box                   20                    30                    18                         $3.00                    $125.00

Includes 12 - 1 ft. and 8 - 2 ft. length

(Good starter kit to start - especially to inspire kids' creativity) 

Assorted 4 ft. box                   24                    62                     32                        $3.00                   $221.00

Includes 10 - 4 ft. and 8 - 2 ft. and 6 - 1 ft. lengths


Assorted 6 ft. box                   26                    94                     47                         $3.00                  $317.00

Includes 8 - 6 ft. and 6 - 4 ft. and 6 - 2 ft. and 2 - 3 ft. and 4 - 1ft. lengths              


Assorted 8 ft. box                  36                    124                     62                        $3.00                  $407.00

Includes 8 - 8 ft. and 8 - 4 ft. and 8 - 2 ft. and 12-1 ft. lengths


50 black connector bolts and 50 black barrel nuts are $35.00 ordered separately.

Special orders include 10.00 additional fee per box or package.


Orders from California please add 8.125% sales tax